Walter Duncan of Quick Key has some fascinating fixes for our edtech problems

 Guys like Walter Duncan know what they’re talking about when it comes to edtech. Before becoming co-founder of Quick Key, Duncan spent years teaching in schools public and private and knows what teachers deal with on a daily basis. His product, which reduces the amount of time it takes for teachers to grade tests, is ingenious and is taking...

Amazon launches the Kindle Reading Fund to expand digital reading around the world

 Amazon today announced a new program called the Kindle Reading Fund which is aimed at making digital books more easily available worldwide. The Fund will donate a number of Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets as well as e-books to communities around the world, in conjunction with various partner organizations. In addition to schools, libraries, PTAs, hospitals and other nonprofits, Amazon is...

Routers Are Pretty Now, Because They Have to Be

Don't look now, but routers have gotten a major makeover. The post Routers Are Pretty Now, Because They Have to Be appeared first on WIRED.

Can foreign tech companies win in China?

 As China’s digital business grows, it’s going to provide more opportunities for many players. Who “gets it” and who doesn’t will certainly not only be a function of “being blocked or not,” but equally (or even more importantly) those who have the right mindset and approach to the China context. Read More

You Too Can Invest In Lawsuits. But Not Quite Like Peter Thiel

Legalist is an online service that lets you pump money in lawsuits. But that's not a new thing. And it doesn't make you the new Peter Thiel. The post You Too Can Invest In Lawsuits. But Not Quite Like Peter Thiel appeared first on WIRED.

How Google Adsense Made Me a Better Person

How Google Adsense Made Me a Better Person In this modern world, there are so many ways to earn money. People earn money through various resources, Google AdSense is also one of those ways. You will come to know the reason for its popularity as you read this article. There are people who still are not aware of this way...

Microsoft announces new resources to reduce hate speech

 Microsoft today pushed out in a blog post for users of its consumer services new resources to reduce hate speech. Users will now be able to communicate directly with the company to report hate speech, and petition for reinstating content via new online forms. Most people are familiar with efforts by social networks like Twitter and Facebook to ensure safety...

Finally, a Bluetooth speaker that matches my axe and flannel

 There’s no shortage of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but lord are a lot of them ugly. What I need is something that will not look amiss sitting on a stump next to me while I hew a yew in my red plaid flannel. Wait, what’s this one?! Read More

Student projects leapfrog governments and industry in ‘Data Science for Social Good’ program

 Big data is hardly new at this point — nor has it wrought anywhere near its potential effects on many companies and institutions insulated by inertia and red tape. A summer program at the University of Washington called Data Science for Good shows that fresh eyes and good code can make more in 10 weeks than some have done...

Google now lets you play a game of Solitaire or Tic-Tac-Toe in search

 Looking to waste time with a round of solitaire on your phone? You no longer need a separate app for that – Google today is rolling out a couple of simple games right into its search engine and standalone Google Search app, the company says. It’s making two of the most popular, classic games of all time – solitaire...